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At Losan Pharma GmbH, we support our pharma industry customers to deliver modern and smart medicines. A trusted CDMO, we handle the development and manufacturing of medicinal products and provide analytical, packaging and artwork services.

“We make APIs perform”

Since 1992

2019 and beyond

750+ staff

2 sites

since 1992

Our markets

Losan Pharma is a one-stop-shop for development and commercial manufacturing services in Europe,
the Americas and Asia.

The medicines we produce are distributed by our customers in over 70 countries.

Our quality

We consider ourselves CDMO-partners and service providers who comply with the highest global quality requirements.

Our sites

Losan’s sites are regularly inspected by German and International Authorities – US-FDA, ANVISA, SAUDI-FDA, Turkish authority and others.

Losan Pharma Neuenburg am Rhein

Neuenburg am Rhein (DE)

APIs up to OEL class 3b (OEB 4)

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  • Manufacturing and packaging of solids, semi-solids and liquids
  • Contract development
  • Clinical trial supply
  • Storage
  • Starting material sampling, testing and release
  • Stability testing
  • Analytical services
Losan packaging site Eschbach

Eschbach (DE)

APIs up to OEL class 3b (OEB 4)

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  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • 11 packaging cabinets for stick packs, blisters and sachets
  • QC finished products
  • Administration
  • Artwork services

United by our purpose

A company’s culture is one of the keys to innovation, and people who invest their heart and soul into what they do every day is the key to creating a culture that inspires innovation. We live in a world that requires new capabilities, better technology and alternative ways of thinking.

At Losan, we know that innovation depends on people feeling comfortable about going beyond their comfort zones and being excited about shaping the future. Therefore, we have fostered a culture of innovation where personal engagement is valued and where every individual feels encouraged to bring their ideas and creativity to the organisation. That is the secret behind Losan’s legacy of innovation.