Manufacturing semi-solids

Losan Pharma offers contract manufacturing services for semi-solids

Manufacturing Semi-Solids at losan Pharma

Losan’s new high performance state-of-the-art production line for suppositories enables it to offer customers a high quality and competitive manufacturing service.

In addition to handling general APIs and controlled drugs, suppositories are delivered in PVC or aluminum blisters.

Our competitively challenging business environment makes it essential for us to have a high performance IT service management system of superior quality in place that reliably supports all of Losan’s business processes.

Losan manufacturing solids sticks
manufacturing solids efferverscent tablets

Key facts about Losan's semi-solids

  • Offers processing under a nitrogen protective atmosphere
  • Delivers heating, cooling and vacuum solutions
  • Provides automated cleaning-in-place-system
  • Supplies products based on either hard fat (suppositories) or of glycerol (ovula) with a max. dosing volume of 4 ml
  • Possibility to work with cliché for aluminum or PVC / PVDC making the line flexible for quick artwork changes
  • Delivers from 1 to 40 blisters / folding box, as well as automatically processed big package sizes
  • Manufactures closures with press-locks, glue or combinations of both
  • Enables product serialization and aggregation
  • Uses production lines that conform with current EU and US regulations (21CFR)

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