Contract development

Our 50+ R&D experts develop strategies and formulation concepts for all state-of-the-art product development services for solid oral dosage forms, liquids and semi-solids.

Contract development services at Losan Pharma

For more than 25 years, our experienced R&D unit in Neuenburg has supported our clients all over the world with their challenging pharmaceutical development projects.

Our team of experts has successfully finalised numerous projects from design to commercial manufacturing based on meeting specific release profiles, optimised bioavailability, improvement of solubility, active stabilisation, taste masking and improved administration.

Our core competencies are in HME and nano formulations, silica amourph embedding, pellet coating, granules, effervescent and orodispersible formulations, retard formulations and stick packs.

Losan is your one-stop shop solution partner from concept to commercialisation


We have the capability and experience to develop formulations at every stage – from the simple formulations required for early studies to the formulations with greater complexity that are suitable for commercialisation.


We are fully committed to achieving the best quality as quickly, and cost-effectively as possible throughout the entire development process.

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