Manufacturing liquids

Losan offers contract manufacturing services for liquids.

Manufacturing liquids at losan Pharma

With its recently installed state-of-the-art liquid line, Losan now has the flexibility and capability to effectively optimise its manufacturing processes to meet its customers’ needs.

Offering batch sizes from 400L up to 2000L, Losan manufactures solutions, suspensions or emulsions which can be filled into plastic or glass bottles.

manufacturing liquids at Losan Pharma

Key facts about Losan's liquids

  • Processes under a nitrogen protective atmosphere
  • Delivers heating, cooling and vacuum solutions
  • Offers aqueous and alcohol-based solutions processing
  • Provides automated cleaning-in-place-system
  • Fills solutions, suspensions or emulsions into plastic or glass bottles (0,2 – 250 ml)
  • Puts measuring cups over bottle closures or places them loose in the folding box if requested
  • Has the possibility to serialize und aggregate products
  • Enables product serialization and aggregation
  • Ensures its production line conforms with current EU and US regulations (21CFR)

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