Analytical services

We offer our customers a broad range of customized analytical services and QC testing.
analytical services

Our contract analysis

For 30 years, Losan Pharma has been an internationally recognized partner to the pharmaceutical industry for contract development and contract manufacturing, along with the analytics of the associated products.

We support companies of all sizes, Big Pharma, medium-sized companies as well as start-ups, with their challenges in the field of raw material analytics up to method development and validation. By awarding contract analyses to Losan Pharma, our customers free up capacity in the short or long term for themselves. They can rely on us as a CDMO that meets the highest global quality requirements.

Contract analysis offers many advantages for our customers


Certified quality

We have decades of experience being audited by international authorities, such as Anvisa, FDA, authorities from Turkey and Russia, and are aware of their specific requirements.


Cost reduction

Our high-end analytical testing facilities enables customers to save purchasing, maintaining and qualifying equipment costs.



We have established backups for all our equipment and offer a high level of fail-safety, for example, in the event of equipment failure or during maintenance.


Flexibel and on time

We respond flexibly to our customers’ needs and deliver the analysis results on schedule within the agreed time frame.


Losan expertise

Our experts in the lab and our experienced lab managers are fully committed and always available to offer advice and support.

Our analytical services

analytical services

Within just a few weeks, we can provide the following services:

Our analytical services

Raw material analysis: Excipients and active ingredients

Development / validation

  • Method development
  • Optimisation of existing (dossier) methods
  • Method validation according to ICH Q2 (R1)
  • ICH Stresstests (Forced degradation ICH Q1B)

Stability storage
Stability storage in rooms and stability cabinets with dedicated selectable conditions for temperature and humidity

Analysis under GMP and non GMP conditions
Classical instrumental analysis (see portfolio)
Analysis according to pharmacopoeias (Ph.Eur., USP, BP, CAB, etc.)

We deliver analytical services for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, medicinal and drug-related products.

Our know-how is based on in-depth product knowledge of a wide variety of dosage forms and the associated analyses as well as troubleshooting.


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Our Portfolio

    • HPLC (UV/VIS, DAD, RI)
    • Gas chromatography (including headspace)
    • In vitro drug release (Apparatus I, II and IV)
    • Thermal analysis (TGA/DSC)
    • X-ray diffraction (XRPD)
    • Particle size analysis (laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering)
    • Zeta Potential
    • Water content (Karl Fischer)
    • Titration
    • IR-spectroscopy (FT-IR)
    • Diffusion and permeation tests (Franz diffusion cell)
    • Viscosity / Rheometer
    • Photostability (Q1B)
    • Microscopy / Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • Microbiology (external partners)
    • LC-MS (external partners)
    • Elemental impurities (external partners)
    • Refractometry
    • Polarimetry
    • Turbidity measurement
    • Raman spektrometry
    • Physical tests (hardness, density, disintegration, friability, sieve analysis, equilibrium moisture, loss on drying, oxygen meter)
    • Data Matrix Reader
    • Packaging scanner
    • Tensile and compressive forces
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