Analytical development

Losan provides a broad range of analytical development services to its clients. We have extensive experience in the development of robust analytical test methods for raw materials, APIs and pharmaceutical products.

analytical development at losan Pharma

At our cGMP compliant facilities equipped with the latest, innovative technology, we can provide you with fast and highly precise product characterisation and method development.

analytical development losan pharma

Our analytical development services include:

    • HPLC (UV/VIS, DAD, RI)
    • Gas chromatography (including headspace)
    • In vitro drug release (Apparatus I, II and IV)
    • Thermal analysis (TGA/DSC)
    • X-ray diffraction (XRPD)
    • Particle size analysis (laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering)
    • Zeta Potential
    • Water content (Karl Fischer)
    • Titration
    • IR-spectroscopy (FT-IR)
    • Diffusion and permeation tests (Franz diffusion cell)
    • Viscosity / Rheometer
    • Photostability (Q1B)
    • Microscopy / Scanning Electron Microscopy
    • Microbiology (external partners)
    • LC-MS (external partners)
    • Elemental impurities (external partners)
    • Refractometry
    • Polarimetry
    • Turbidity measurement
    • Raman spektrometry
    • Physical tests (hardness, density, disintegration, friability, sieve analysis, equilibrium moisture, loss on drying, oxygen meter)
    • Data Matrix Reader
    • Packaging scanner
    • Tensile and compressive forces

We can also provide analytical validation in compliance with EMA, FDA, cGMP and ICH requirements.

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analytical development services