customised release

Customised release

The targeted delivery challenge is to enhance an API’s therapeutic effects and improve patient compliance.

Customised release solutions

Losan offers several customised release solutions, e.g. delayed release,  sustained/controlled release and the release to a specific target in the GI tract (e.g. colon). Applying our years of industry experience, we match Losan’s broad range of expertly developed technologies with your unique requirements to fulfil your expectations.

Losan’s coating technology portfolio, especially designed for customising drug-release profiles, offers customers the flexibility of profile combining to improve safety, optimise efficacy and reduce dosing frequency resulting in more convenience and enhanced patient compliance. Losan offers:


Time controlled sustained release

maintains drug levels over a time period to successfully achieve the therapeutic effect while reducing associated side effects.


Extended release

with rapid onset delivers a pulse of the active ingredient immediately, while the remaining amount is released over an extended period of time.


Delayed release

ensures maximum efficacy and protects the drug from the stomach’s acidic gastric fluids by postponing release until it reaches the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.


Targeted delivery

ensures that the drug is selectively targeted or delivered only to the designated site of action or absorption and not to non-targeted parts of the GI tract.

How Losan Pharma Solves customised release Challenges

What We Do

We make it possible for each drug delivery system to be individually designed using the corresponding excipients and coating systems:

Matrix formulations

Using matrix formulations (pellets or tablets) Losan is able to provide sustained release and targeted delivery of APIs. Different hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers can be combined to control drug release via diffusion through and erosion of the dosage form. In addition the pellets or tablets can be coated with one or more functional polymers.
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Coating formulations

Coating of functional, release-controlling polymers or protective coatings onto tablets, drug-layered cores, pellets, granules, or crystals. These release systems provides advanced control of drug delivery and optimises release profiles for drugs and drug combinations.
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Our customised release technologies