A solid oral dosage form to be ingested without water.

Pellets – an oral dosage form to improve patient compliance

Our Vismon® coating technology stimulates salivation and creates a pleasant tasting soft pellet pulp in the mouth which is easily swallowed.

Losan technologies include a unique hydrocolloid coating applied as an outer layer on pellets. The coating significantly improves the swallowing of large amounts of multiparticulate systems without water.
Upon contact with saliva, the coating swells moderately and a viscous and firm pulp of multiparticulates is created.

Pellets can be derived from classical active granules and blends, nano-suspensions, hot melt extrudates as well as silica amorphous systems.

Pellets prepared by extrusion / spheronization as well as layering technologies can be realized.

Made by Losan. Pediatric formulations in stick packs with great taste masking (coated pellets plus flavor mixture marketed in the US market).