Mini Tablets

A solid oral dosage form in a unit dose stick pack, that is optimal for ingestion without water.

Minitablets – a solid oral dosage form to improve patient compliance

In the past few years, Losan Pharma has been successfully manufacturing mini tablets.

So far, we have been able to manufacture mini tablets on a reasonably small scale and now we are intending to gradually scale-up this technology in stages to production scale.

Losan minitablets yellow
minitablets in stickpack
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Within just a couple of weeks, we can offer:

Minitablets services

Development of a suitable mini tablet prototype formulation based on the product target profile and the available physico-chemical data of the API.

Determination of stability studies at different ICH conditions over a short period including accelerated testing.

Preparation of prototype formulations for scale-up trials.

Advantages of our minitablets

The main advantages for the development and use of mini tablets are:


Fast and more uniform release profile of the corresponding API in the GIT compared to monolithic dosage forms such as tablets.


Improved patient compliance, because mini tablets come in stick packs or capsules and can be easily taken out to be mixed with drinks or food which facilitates the application.


Different dosage strengths are easily achieved by different filling weights in capsules or stick packs.


Chemically incompatible drug substances in different mini tablets or mini tablet formulations can be separated.


For complex release profile cases e.g. for a combination of immediate and modified release tablets, one part of the mini tablets can be coated with a functional polymer.


Combination products with different APIs in each mini tablet formulation can be manufactured.


Application is suitable for children and elderly persons with swallowing difficulties.


For further information on our mini tablet technology please go to our Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the manufacture and packaging of clinical trial samples for mini tablets under full cGMP for APIs up to an OEL class of 3b (1-10 µg/m3).