Matrix Tablets Technology

Matrix tablets serve an important tool for oral extended-release dosage forms

Matrix tablets technology at Losan Pharma

Serving as an important tool for oral extended-release dosage forms, matrix tablets solve issues associated with conventional dosage forms such as patient compliance, frequent administration, drug targeting, fluctuations in blood concentration levels and local side effects.

For drugs which are administered orally but have a shorter half-life with high dosing frequency, oral extended release drug delivery systems are a very promising approach. By releasing the drug slowly over a longer period of time, extended-release drug-delivery systems reduce the dosing frequency of certain drugs.

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Drug release in matrix drug delivery systems is through both dissolution-controlled as well as diffusion controlled mechanisms.
The aim of any drug delivery system is to provide a therapeutic amount of drug to the right part of the body to promptly achieve the desired concentration of the drug and then maintain it i.e. over a specified period of treatment; the drug-delivery system should deliver the drug at a rate which is dictated by the needs of the body.