Mesoporous silica

Silica based drug loading is an interesting and new approach in the area of solid dispersions

Mesoporous Silica Plattform

Losan offers this new technology for low soluble compounds where a solubilisation and bioavailability increase is needed without impacting mechanical stress at elevated temperatures during the amorphisation and embedding into a polymer matrix.

mesoporous silica

To get a full amorphisation of the selected APIs, we have developed different wet load methods and are currently working on a dry loading process. By applying specific analytical methods (DSC, XRPD), we ensure that amorphisation is well-controlled and API stabilisation is often achieved with additional polymers. For potent (up to OEL3B) and high potent drugs (OEL 4), Losan can offer gram scale screening and pilot scale trials (10 kg).

We do packaging and clinical trial manufacture in-house for potent drugs (up to OEL3b) and provide process development only for high potent APIs.

Clinical trial manufacture is carried out under the guidance of our experienced development team within a partnering concept and as a one-stop-shop service.