Orodispersible Technology

Orodispersible tablets (ODTs) are gaining importance among novel oral drug-delivery system as they have improved patient compliance and convenience

Orodispersible technology at Losan Pharma

ODTs are solid dosage forms, which disintegrate or dissolve rapidly in the mouth without chewing and additional water, only in the presence of saliva.

Thus this type of formulation provides an advantage particularly for pediatric and geriatric populations who have difficulty in swallowing conventional tablets and capsules.

Losan mesoporous silica technology

Since these tablets dissolve directly in the mouth the taste of the API is also an important factor. Various approaches are available to mask the bitter taste and realize a fast disintegration of the tablet.

At Losan different concepts like direct compression using superdisintegrants and taste masking excipients, melt granulation, spray drying, and effervescent technology are available.