Hot Melt Extrusion

We offer hot melt extrusion as a solution to improve patient compliance

Hot melt extrusion at Losan Pharma

The Hot Melt Extrusion technology can be used in the formulation development of low soluble drug substances to significantly enhance the solubility of these compounds in a continuous process.

Losan´s HME technology is leading to:

  • an increase of the in-vivo absorption (AUC, Cmax)
  • immediate or sustained release dosage forms
  • a taste masking of APIs

A fast screening including a DoE, a pilot scale and production scale is available for all stages of clinical development and commercialisation.

hot melt extrusion at Losan Pharma
HME technology Losan Pharma


Our Dosage Forms

Hot melt extrusion process has been used since 1930 in plastic industry. Extrusion can be simply defined as the process of forming a new material (the extrudate) by forcing it through an orifice or die under controlled conditions, such as temperature, mixing, feed-rate and pressure. HME technique is utilized in the formulation development of poorly water soluble because of the enhanced dissolution properties, absorption and therapeutic efficacy.