Effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablets are a very popular oral dosage form. Because they are easy to take, they improve patient compliance

Effervescent tablets – a very popular solid oral dosage form

Losan Pharma has more than 25 years of experience in effervescent tablet production. We began using effervescent technology as soon as we received our manufacturing license in 1994. Like regular tablets, effervescent tablets are solid dosage forms, with the advantage of dissolving quickly in water. This makes them particularly valuable for children and elderly patients who have difficulty swallowing conventional tablets or capsules.
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Effervescent tablets can also be used to deliver high active substance dosages e.g. of calcium in the form of calcium carbonate of more than 2000 mg, which is almost impossible with normal tablets and capsules.

Our effervescent tablets Advantages

Rapid absorption Before the active ingredients reach the stomach, they are already dissolved. This means they can be absorbed quickly by the body

Important fluid intake
Since taking an effervescent tablet always requires drinking water, this naturally increases important fluid intake.


Beneficial against tablet fatigue
Many people, who have to take a lot of tablets, skip tablets completely or temporarily because they get tired of taking them. If the medicine they need is available as an effervescent tablet, this will be a welcome alternative


Pleasant taste
Our effervescent tablets create a pleasantly sweet, fruity-flavoured liquid that is easy to drink


Helpful for swallowing difficulties
Effervescent tablets are a valuable alternative for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets.


Some soluble powders need to be measured out and stirred to dissolve. Effervescent tablets eliminate the need for dosing and dissolve quickly on their own.

Losan Pharma offers the development, manufacture and packaging of clinical trial samples for oral dosage forms under cGMP for active ingredients up to an OEL class of 3b (1-10 µg/m3). Production of effervescent tablets is also carried out under controlled humidity conditions. Alternatively, effervescent granules can be produced in stick packs.


Losan is highly specialised in the following effervescent applications:

Effervescent applications

Remineralisation for example with calcium/ vitamin D3 and magnesium

Moderate and severe pain

Allergic and inflammatory diseases

Production process for effervescent tablets

To produce effervescent tablets, an active ingredient granulate and an effervescent granulate are usually produced. The effervescent granulate, for example, consists of sodium hydrogen carbonate and citric acid, which together produce the so-called effervescent reaction. To make the finished product, both granulates are pressed into an effervescent tablet.

Various methods e.g. sweeteners and flavours, are used to mask bad-tasting active ingredients.
To ensure that the effervescent reaction does not already partly begin during production, care must be taken to ensure a dry room environment. The same applies to storage: the effervescent tablets are packed immediately into tubes and tightly sealed.