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Pharmaceutical manufacturing process

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Technologies under containment for high potent APIs:

Losan has certain technologies which can be done under high containment for OEB 5 compounds leading to the given final dosage forms:

  • wet ball milling (nanosuspensions in bottles, syringes)
  • high shear vacuum granulation, compression, dedusting (tablets/capsules)
  • compaction via compression, dedusting (tablets)
  • hot melt extrusion, milling, compression or encapsulation (tablets, capsules)
  • mesoporous silica loading followed by mixing/granulation, compression or encapsulation (tablets, capsules)
  • coating (film coated tablets)
  • solutions (bottles, syringes)
  • self-emulsifying-systems (capsules)
  • gels for topical use (topical devices for single use)

Technologies for parenteral process development:

Losan has certain technologies which can be used to develop parenteral dosage forms under non aseptic conditions:

  • nanosuspensions in vials, syringes or as lyophilisates
  • depot injectables in vials or syringes
  • solutions in vials or syringes
  • PLGA based depot injectables in vials, syringes or as lyophilisates
  • bulk gels/solutions for nasal applications (nasal single use devices)
Losan stick pack technologies