Granules with high dosage

A solid oral dosage form in a unit dose stick pack that allows for high dosage. Granules are designed for ingestion without water.

Granules with high dosage – an oral dosage form to improve patient compliance

The utilization of Losan’s two chamber filling technology allows a combination of various active ingredients and aroma blends in one filling process.

Stick packs filled with high-dosage granules

Products of different strengths and aromas can easily be developed. Stick packs can realize a filling mass of up to 3 g. The aroma blend designed with saliva inducing excipients allows for easy swallowing. Classical active granules and blends, hot melt extrudates as well as silica amorphous systems can be incorporated into the formulation.

Made by Losan. Stick packs with high API load (reduction from 6 tablets to 1 stick a day, marketed all over the world).