Which API´s are suitable for application of the mini tablet technology?

There are no restrictions regarding the API´s, but currently high potent API´s with an OEL class of 4 or higher cannot be processed .

Which scale of mini tablets can be manufactured at Losan?

  • At least 500g per batch is needed for compression in the lab scale trials. However only 10g per batch are needed for coating with a functional polymer
  • In most cases, 1-10kg per batch are used during scale-up
  • Losan‘s future production scale could cover up to 300kg per batch.

What equipment is used to manufacture mini tablets at Losan?

  • For stick packs, Merz Micro tabletting dosing MTD324
  • For capsules, Dott. Bonapace

Which factors influence the stability of mini tablets?

The key factors are the formulation design, the shape and hardness of the mini tablets, the packaging and of course the physicochemical properties of the corresponding API.

Are mini tablets also suitable for coating purposes?

Coatings are possible and can be done with our drum coaters or fluid bed coating systems.

What tablet diameter is possible with the mini tablet technology?

In most cases mini tablets with a diameter of 2.0 – 3.5 mm are used.