3rd Losan Drug Delivery Conference


Feb 04, 2020 | Frankfurt, DE

This 1-day conference is an excellent opportunity for R&D Managers, Technology Experts and Business Development Managers who have specific interest in up-to-date formulation technologies and their special aspects in formulation and analytical development.


What are the benefits of this Drug Delivery Conference?

International experts and guest speakers from industry and academia will present relevant topics as well as case studies.

The agenda will provide room for expert discussions and know-how exchange. Attendees will be able to directly apply their learnings from this symposium to their daily work.


Have a look at our topics and speakers at Losan DDC Conference in 2018:

„Advances in drug delivery – Lost in translation?“
Dr. Matthias Wacker
Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Goethe University
„Development of nanosuspensions at Boehringer-Ingelheim“
Dr. Kerstin-Julia Frank
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co.KG
„Micronization and Nanonization of API in Agitator Bead Mills”
Dipl. Ing. Stefan Mende
NETZSCH Feinmahltechnik GmbH
„Nano DDS: concepts and surprises“
Prof. Dr. Karsten Mäder
Institut für Pharmazie, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
„Silica based drug loading: Formulation & strategies for screening, scale-up and transfer“
M.Sc. Lena Kurz
Losan Pharma GmbH
„Correlating screening tools to formulation feasibility – polymer selection for amorphous solid dispersions“
M.Sc. Carolin Auch
Merck KGaA
„Development of HME-formulations at Losan Pharma“

Dr. Wolfgang Mohr
Losan Pharma GmbH

„Compounding of highly hazardous products. Challenges and technical solutions with twin-screw extruder“

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Albrecht Huber
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH

Losan DDC 2020

Overview Losan DDC Conference 2020


François BOUTIGNON, Ph.D
President & CEO
APTYS Pharmaceuticals/Pharmaservices

Co Chairman
Dr. Matthias Rischer, Losan Pharma


February 4th, 2020


Fleming‘s Selection Hotel
Frankfurt City
Conference Hall
2 Eschenheimer Tor
260318 Frankfurt am Main

Participation fee

300,- Euro,
Method of payment: on receipt of invoice

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3rd Losan Drug Delivery Conference
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