GS1 standards at Losan Pharma

Since 2016, Losan Pharma GmbH has been a member of the GS1 family via the global location number (GLN)
Track and trace GS1

Losan Pharma is part of the global GS1 system

With the labelling of all products via the global article number (GTIN), each of our products can be precisely and absolutely clearly identified worldwide. Within the GS1 system, information can be coded in a machine-readable way using GS1 data carriers, such as GS1-128.

The GS1 standards meet specifications of international standards (e.g. ISO/IEC 15418) as well as symbology standards for the common GS1 codes (e.g. GS1 DataMatrix). The last are critical tools and application requirements for efficient traceability in the company. All in all, this represents the basis for a standardised business process in the area of product marking and track & trace.

GS1 certificates

To view our GS1 certificates, please contact us by email